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The Alaskan Malamute is one of the world's oldest dog breeds. They were bred by the Native Inuit people of Alaska for pulling sleds, carrying supplies & hunting. They were treated as part of the family & still see themselves as such today.

In the 1800s malamutes were used as sled dogs in the gold rush. By 1947 they had almost become extinct due to their role in WW2, primarily as search & rescue dogs.

Malamutes have a big personality with a lot of charm & charisma. They love people & have a laid back happy go lucky attitude to life. They are adaptable & comfortable in new situations & environments.


Malamutes have high energy, excitability & endurance, yet are also happy chilling out at home (ideally in a cool spot) or in the yard. As long as they feel included as one of the family, they will be happy. Malamutes love meeting new people & in our experience kids as well. They make amazing companions.


In temperament they are bold, independent, loyal, goofy, playful, affectionate, personable, expressive, curious & adventurous. They are generally eager to please, but can be stubborn & strong willed. They respond well to positive reinforcement training.

Alaskan Malamutes love the cold & snow & will often prefer to sleep outside even at 30 below! This makes them a great companion for winter activities such as sledding & skijoring.

They do generally require more training than many other dog breeds, as they are prone to a high prey drive & can be same sex aggressive if not well socialized. They are also very strong, so proper on leash training is essential.

Good fencing is required to contain an Alaskan Malamute, as they love to dig & explore. They are one of the Houdini's of dog breeds!

That said, we do find the females calmer, easier to train & better on & off leash than the males. They also tend not to challenge the fencing.

Malamutes do not generally bark but instead prefer to howl or make 'woo woo' noises. They will be vocal in communicating their needs.

If you have the patience for training & their occasional cheeky antics, adding an Alaskan Malamute to your family is sure to completely steal your heart.


Our approach to dog breeding is the same as our approach to all aspects of life. We believe in raising dogs holistically & caring for them as closely as nature intended.

We feed our dogs a balanced raw food diet high in nutrients & enzymes, which most closely mimiks what their ancestors would have eaten centuries ago.

We use natural & homeopathic remedies whenever possible.

We are also strong proponents of early socialization & do our very best to create the most well rounded puppy before it goes to it's forever home.

Puppies are raised in our living room, so they get used to the noises & stimulus of daily life. They also have an adventure playground outside equipped with tunnels, steps & slides.

We start ENS (early neurological stimulation) on day 3 to 16 of the puppies lives, which has been shown to strengthen the cardiovascular, adrenal & immune systems & increase resiliency to stress later in life.

We are sure to introduce puppies to a number of people, dogs, animals & environments. We make sure they are comfortable being handled & groomed. We also start clicker & potty training before they go to their forever homes to give them a head start in life.

If you would like to learn more about a natural approach to rearing puppies or have questions about our approach, please feel free to contact us & we'd be happy to provide more information & resources.

Our malamutes are confirmed to be 100% purebred & cleared of any genetic risk factors or mutations through Embark & Wisdom panel testing.

All puppies will be weaned on to raw food. Studies have shown dogs fed raw food at a young age are less likely to develop hip dysplasia or cancer later in life. We also believe it contributes to better digestion, a strong immune system & less likelihood of allergies.

We are determined to find the most loving homes possible for our pups & happy to arrange transport in Canada & the US, or personally deliver where possible.

All puppies come with a one year health guarantee. They will also come with a small care package including collar, toy with mother's scent & food.

azlan pup.jpeg


Mishka is a complete love bug. She is incredibly cuddly & affectionate & thinks of herself as a big lapdog! 

She is playful & energetic with a strong enthusiasm for life. She is the only dog we have met who when excited can send her tail in big circles like a helicopter, instead of wagging from side to side.

She is very smart for the breed & eager to please, picking up new skills & commands quickly.

She is an impressive off-leash dog with a low prey drive.

She also enjoys pulling us on skis & is our best skijour dog.

She is seal coloured, meaning that each strand of coloured fur possesses two tones (grey or black & white). 

Mishka is a great mother & very nurturing to her puppies.

Alaskan Malamute


Azlan comes from the majestic & well tempered lines of Silverfern Farms in Sayward, BC.


He is a big goofball & always smiling! He makes us laugh almost everyday! Charming, charismatic & cheeky would be three words to sum him up.

He has a big personality & is sure to tell you exactly how he feels in any situation. He loves kids, galavanting through the forest, cooling off with a swim in the lake, snuggles, food & play.

He enjoys cold weather & is often found outside in 30 below covered in snow, despite having a dog door!

He has taken on the job of prowling the fence line at night, averting any potential predators with his big howl.

He has rare agouti sable colouring & an amazingly soft & fluffy coat.

Wooly Alaskan Malamute


We have a couple of spots left on our waitlist for our 2024 litter! No deposit is required to be on the waitlist. Simply fill in our Puppy Application Form by clicking the link below & emailing the form back to



We are happy to answer questions you have. Feel free to email us anytime -


RESOURCES WE LOVE (tons of free resources & courses on canine health & nutrition)


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