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Scottish Highland Cattle can be traced back to the Highlands of Scotland as early as the sixth century and are the oldest registered breed of cattle. They were originally dual purpose (used for both milk & meat).

Scottish Highlands are known for their friendly, gentle & calm nature. They are great foragers & extremely hardy, often choosing to stay outside on cold winter nights and greet us covered in frost or snow in the morning!

At Lost Paradise Farm we use our Highlands for milk & although they do not produce as much as the modern dairy breeds such as Holstein or Jersey, they still provide ample dairy to support a family. We find their milk to be rich & creamy. We enjoy making a variety of products for home use, from butter to ice cream to yogurt, cheese & custard.


We have a small fold of registered Scottish Highland cattle from great breeding lines & a limited number of calves available each year at weaning.

Our cattle roam freely around our 40 acres of pasture & forest in the summer & are fed organic hay in the winter.

Our cattle are extremely friendly & love to be brushed!

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